these are the good ole days

A new project for a new year. Photographing a 5 minute snippet of anything. I thought it would be easier than it was. The timer went off and my first thought was -I'm just getting started! My daughter got a record player for he fourth birthday last year and it has been, by far, a favorite.

Last year I saw an old fisher price record player-the one I had as a kid.  I thought oh wow-the good ole days.

But now these are their good ole days.

and you can see it HERE too along with some amazing others.

rowan's new room

I once read that change happens when you get angry. Well my change happened one groggy night when I got kicked in the face by my 2 1/2  year old.

I woke up angry. Brushed the hair out of my face. Felt my eye to make sure it was still there.

Then I turned on the side lamp. There was my boy lying sideways. His head was nuzzled into my husband's neck and his feet inches from my face.

My scowl softened as I looked at him. He looked so peaceful and sweet. And so comfortable. As I edged to my quarter sized strip I looked back at him.

Then layed my head down and plotted the fastest way to get him into his own bed.

I loved co-sleeping with my babies. It really is one of my favorite memories.

Mary was just transitioning Rowan into his new room and he was so excited.

Wait, I have to water it?

This little tree farm is a slice of heaven. It's where you want your kids to take your grandkids someday. It has that perfect winter stillness. The kind where all you can hear is the crunching snow beneath your step.

An owner who sweeps your baby out of your arms as you drink hot chocolate.

It was super cold that day and the Ohio wind was blowing.

We tromped through the snow and ran circles around the trees to stay warm.

We blew warm air on babies hands and put socks on them when gloves were to wet to wear.

Memories were made.