rowan's new room

I once read that change happens when you get angry. Well my change happened one groggy night when I got kicked in the face by my 2 1/2  year old.

I woke up angry. Brushed the hair out of my face. Felt my eye to make sure it was still there.

Then I turned on the side lamp. There was my boy lying sideways. His head was nuzzled into my husband's neck and his feet inches from my face.

My scowl softened as I looked at him. He looked so peaceful and sweet. And so comfortable. As I edged to my quarter sized strip I looked back at him.

Then layed my head down and plotted the fastest way to get him into his own bed.

I loved co-sleeping with my babies. It really is one of my favorite memories.

Mary was just transitioning Rowan into his new room and he was so excited.