a little q and a

It has been super rainy here. Everyday there is rain. And while my garden is happy, I am pretty much over it. So on this dreary Monday morning I saw that I got tagged by Erika Ray to answer a few questions. When was the last time someone made you laugh really hard?

Saturday night. My brother. He is the funniest person I know.

When you woke up this morning, what was the first thought that ran through your head? (Skip to the second thing if the first isn’t clean!)

How am I going to army crawl out of this bed so Grey doesn't wake up.

Look behind you, what do you see?

I don't even need to look it's a hot mess of some kind.

What country (that you haven’t been to) would you love to visit and why?

Hmm....Australia. It' s beautiful!

Dog, cat or fish and why?

None! If it poops and needs to be fed I don't want it.

Do you speak another language, what is it, and if you don’t, what language would you like to learn and why?

I speak Grey language. Enough said.

Think of the stupidest thing you have ever done and share it with us.  Okay, maybe the second stupidest thing.

Stupid not crazy right? So a very long time ago (very) I worked at Cracker Barrel. Well, while I was serving I decided I had had enough, I no longer wanted to work there. So I went up to the hostess stand and told them to stop seating me. Once I had checked out my last table I left my money, grabbed my keys and walked out to my car. To find it wasn't there. So my heart started to beat a little faster as I really scanned the parking lot. Nothing. Then I remembered my friend dropped me off. So I had to run across the street in my Cracker Barrell apron uniform and call a friend to come get me. Lesson learned-Don't be cocky and walk out on your shift.

One word to describe yourself.


What was the best present you ever received and why?

Green Bean Delivery. It's the gift that keeps on givin too. I can't help but get giddy every time I open the green box packed with goodness.

What is the first word that comes to mind when you see fireworks?