at home with the martins

As I sit here and type this I feel like I just wrestled 2 tigers. It's 9:28 pm. My clothes are still wet from this evenings baths. I have Grey's dinner on my shirt. I still have the echo of their little (booming) voices saying, "One more book and I'm not tired!!" I have a serious love/not like relationship with bedtime. It is such an important part of the day that requires so much love. And patience.

I don't like the constant meltdowns of a tired kid who played hard all day. The "I'm hungry!" only minutes after dinner is over. When dad becomes a "monster" who chases the squeeling/laughing kids through the house, getting them all amped up 5 minutes before bed. Or the fight over which bedtime book will be best.

But I do love the scent of baby lotion in the air. Being all cuddled up and reading.  The familiar position my little boy gets into every time I rock him.  The close of the door when they are fast asleep because I finally get some me time.

Well this family, they know how to do bedtime. I even remember looking at them at one point saying, "Do you guys do this all the time? Or is it just because I am here?" She said, "Well most of the time, yes." They were so FUN. They both did baths instead of the divide and conquer, I will clean the kitchen if you give the kids a bath. I think they are onto something.  I came to photograph them after dinner and happily followed them around as they had their evening popsicles, bath and bedtime routine. Here are the Martins!