10 on 10 August

Right after I finished July's 10 on 10 I was so excited to move on to August. I looked through the calendar for exciting things happening to photograph. But after some thought I went with one of my regular ordinary days.

Our ordinary. Our day to day ordinary. The in between moments.

Long ago when Falon was a baby I watched this video called the The Gift of an Ordinary Day. A woman talked about raising her two sons and the stages each age brought. The boys grew up and left home. She spoke how she would find herself looking at old albums.  But she didn't want to see pictures of little league games or piano recitals. She wanted to see pictures of their ordinary days. Bedhead and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Sprinklers on a hot afternoon.

This essay has stayed with me. It is a driving force of why I take the pictures I do.  This life I live can be all consuming.

While there are days I look forward to adult conversation and sleeping without a foot in my back

I know I will miss these days greatly. The ordinary of every day.

Rise and shine

Busted. Again.

New bracelet

Playdate in the sweetest attic playroom


Art on the front porch

He wears most of it

After dinner popsicle

Winding down

A bath is nightmare for skinned knees and a band aid addict



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