Harmonious Homestead

I visited this homestead awhile back. Only it wasn't out in the country it was only a few miles from my house. It was an urban homestead. I was new to the idea and fell in love with it. You could still be near the city  but also grow your own food and own chickens.

We walked around and played with the chickens and they collected tomatoes to make sauce.

The owners Alex and Rachel have a little girl named Lil who is 8. I interviewed her on what it was like living on an urban homestead.

She is a bright little girl and I enjoyed my time with her. And actually learned a lot from her.


Does your homestead have a name? Harmonious Homestead

How long have you lived here? For a year and a half

What are your favorite animals?  The chickens. They are super cute and pretty. If you treat them kindly they are very nice. Marian and Sk are my favorites. Sk is our rooster and he does a good job being a rooster. He also breaks up fights. He lunges into them. My other favorite animal is our cat. Her name is Moonshine which means jack o lantern or Whiskey.

Do you have chores? Yes I have to feed the dog and cats every morning. And every night I have to clean up the dishes.

What is something you have learned to do? My mom taught me how to dry tomato seeds and plant them. She does a lot or most of the gardening.

What is your favorite thing to eat here? Wild plants. I love chic weed and violets. And red dead nettle. The leaves look funny on red dead nettle.

What is your favorite thing about living on an homestead? Building fairy houses. I have felt a fairy land on my finger before. You can't see them, only when they want you to.

What is your least favorite? Mud. Yucky dirty mud.

What makes you different than other kids? I am home schooled.

What kinds of things do you study? Math and piano. And also the work of wizardry. I love reading fantasy.

Here is our evening.....