2 Sweet Girls and Frankie the Cat

Most of the time after a shoot I feel like I have made friends. We laugh a lot and we share our stories. Then after I edit their photos I fall in love with them and want to invite them over for dinner. I seek the joy. The joy that makes them a family.

The more I grow as a photographer the more I feel. The more I look for moments that I, as a mother, would want to remember. How buttoning your daughter's sweater is just about the sweetest thing you ever did see. How when you look at the photos a long time from now, you remember how that sweater smelled. About how looking at these photos reminds you of how you felt, not what you looked like. How life really was. Sometimes old memories can feel like a dream. All warm and fuzzy. And when you look at these photos, you are there, but you aren't.

Always remember there was nothing worth sharing, like the love that let us share our name- Avett Brothers