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Kids Were Here | April

This month a group of photographers and I started documenting evidence that our kids were here. You know, the things that might drive you crazy sometime but you will miss later when they are grown. Or the sweet things you will definitely miss when they are gone. Check out some others at Kids Were Here

10 on 10 March

march is a very exciting month this year. I have two really great shoots coming up and I am going to the Don't Give Up Project with one of my favorite photographers and friend Deanna McCasland. here is our day in March! morning boys

grey being grey

my little pony

to school we go

this boys smile gets him away with a lot

2 more days of not complaining about gong potty before bed scores you a princess bike. I have held out on this as long as possible lol!!

snack time

she is not into me taking her photo right now. obviously.

grey just started speech because he only has a vocab of about 5 words. she says grey we need to work on your words and reads to him

grey what does a cow say                now head on over to Emily Robinson and her crazy cute girls

10 on 10 October

This past month came and went. Fall is here. Change of seasons might be my favorite time. Everything is different and new again. serious morning bedhead

new game of throwing everything down the chute

morning at Jeni's

probably why I see a chiropractor



fall is here

familiar scene

last of the harvest

eating a stick and running



Now on to Emily Robinson