washington 2014

A trip to Washington where none of us came back the people we once were. we took Washington by the horns.

we were in 4 airplanes, 2 hour traffic jams, a ferry, and a smoking boat. we slept in 2 hotels, an rv, a cottage and a house. we ran down airport aisles carrying kids and carseats and suitcases while pushing a stroller with flat tires then being told the door shut 10 minutes ago. we ate crab and drank beer like it was our job. we laughed and embraced friends who treated us like family. we waded through seaweed and explored a nature that was new to us. we stared up at the tall trees, we took outdoor showers.

and like a summer love, I can't stop thinking about it all.

Washington, you have my heart.

Nothin' is as it has been And I miss your face like hell And I guess it's just as well But I miss your face like hell-The Head and the Heart