“Everything in your past is just a story”

I love families. I have had many folks ask me why I take photos. And it’s because I love families. Parenthood is messy and lovely and busy and emotional.

It’s time consuming and joyful. I love how in one second everyone is content and happy.Then the next moment it’s dirty and messy and chaotic.

I’m not looking for the perfect photo. I am looking for the perfect moment.Every season brings on new changes. And we are not aware of those changes until we are different. And I want to capture that. I want to show people how beautiful they are in ways that aren’t apparent to them: their everyday beauty.


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I currently live in Columbus, Ohio with my husband and 2 crazy kids. I am also available for travel sessions.

I have been published in the Babytalk, Parents magazine,  L.L. Bean, Shutterfly, Palm Press, April Rhodes patterns, and Beginning Sewings.



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